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Dear Reader,

This is Jazzation’s blog, and we’re so glad you’re already here! We guessed there would be a few who would be happy if this platform was finally filled with content, because we only very rarely let outsiders' eyes-ears-cameras into the intimate space of our rehearsals - but if we didn’t sit there twice a week together, we would be curious too. :) We're also opening offically the Frequently Asked Questions section here, answering your question about "When will there be a concert in Budapest?" as well.

Before that, however, we report on how great it was at Lake Balaton together: IT WAS WONDERFUL! We sang for a team which does its best to really work as a team when healing the children in Bethesda Hospital. So, as uplifting our concert was for our audience, it was for us too: our hearts were merged into their love and understanding, and we enjoyed every moment of sharing the space with beautiful, sentient, 3D people! Thank you for being there and taking the team building seriously - we continued our team building after the concert at the shore of Lake Balaton, where we officially opened the Summer season!

This went so well that we didn’t even want to stop the out-of-rehearsal occasions, and we celebrated the diversity of "bejgli" with JazzationLadies all day baking - creating beautiful pastries with walnut, poppy seeds, cranberry-marzipan, pumpkin seeds and orange-marzipan fillings (from left to right) - just like five different but very special singers, with their microphones - with the sound engineer in the background ;)

But to talk about professional issues: Question: When will there be a concert in Budapest? Answer: On September 18, for sure, at the Ménesi Street Cultural Festival, on the sunny side of Gellert Hill, and then on November 11 at the newly built Pasarét Community House. We don't organize a concert in Budapest in the Summer, because there are so many people on holidays which makes it unpredictable. But on July 13-14 we will perform at the Castle of Zsennye, on July 15 we hope to perform in Vienna, and on August 8 we will definitely perform in Debrecen.

Without concerts, you could say that our lives are so miserable - but fortunately it is not true thanks to our business: we're working on a brand new repertoire! Really, this has never been the case in a decade and a half of Jazzation's history: our (drive) folders are full of arrangements of wonderful composers and vocal arrangers, so we just have to find the time to learn them all. On December 1, 2021, our brand new programme titled Pannonica debuts at Franz Liszt Academy of Music! Amazingly exciting material - so we rehearse all summer and take turns in going on vacation. Except when we go together, in three weeks. :) We will find the time then to do a live session via one of our online platforms. And we'll keep you posted also on Pannonica - and about the other material, which is going to fill another album, and we are also very much looking forward to showing you.

Question: Do you perform at a corporate events in Summer? Answer: Yes, we can sing fairly stably on a swaying sailboat, so feel free to contact us for private events. Here in our blog we try to appear weekly so we can share this space and you don’t miss out on anything!

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