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Sound Engineer

Isti was unsuspectingly listening to one of our concerts in September 2017 in the audience clueless that not long after the concert he would find himself in the role of our group’s sound engineer. During the time since passed he has refined into an a cappella sound expert actively contributing to Jazzation’s sense of comfort on stage from microphone selection to personal monitoring. His accuracy, and maximalism as an engineer is compounded by high artistic standards and an inclination for experimentation, while his balanced personality works an effect just as beneficial on our group dynamics as on our sounding. He is a lover of travelling, and water.

Fun Fact: When we travel abroad we must watch him to ensure he takes his seat in the cabin and not at the cockpit. By his own admission, the only thing for which he would ever want to give up Jazzation's mixing console is the yoke of a Boeing.
Workshops & Coaching

Workshops & Coaching

Are you...


... a music teacher looking for an interactive, community building  programme for your class?

... a singer at a vocal group interested in a coaching led by one or more singers of Jazzation?

... a leader of a choir looking for new inspirations?


If you answer yes to some of the preceding questions, feel free to...

Sheet Music
Sheet Music

Are you...


... a leader of a choir or vocal group looking for beautiful world music compositions, crazy jazz arrangements or original pieces? 

... a compulsive collector of vocal scores with sophisticated musical taste?

... a fan of us, who want to sing along with our music?


If you answer yes to some of the preceding questions, feel free to...


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