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Five singers, four albums, three ladies, two gentlemen, in one word: Jazzation. This multi-award-winning acapella group from Budapest (Hungary) has already wound its way into international jury’s hearts in Graz, Pinerolo, Leipzig and Aarhus, but what they feel most proud is having shared the stage several times with wonderful vocal groups and experts from all around the world (e.g. Bobby McFerrin, The Real Group, The King's Singers). While authentic vocal jazz is their main profile, Jazzation also performs vocal world music inspired by different cultures, as well as numerous original arrangements.

1st Prize
A Cappella Contest
Aarhus Vocal Festival
Aarhus, 2019
Audience Award
A Cappella Contest
Leipzig, 2015
1st Prize
A Cappella Contest
Leipzig, 2015
Audience Award
'Vox Populi'
at Independent
Music Awards
USA, 2015
1st Prize
A Cappella Contest
Winter Vocal Festival
Pinerolo, 2014
1st Prize
Ward Swingle Award
Vokal Total International
Acappella Contest
Graz, 2013

"Jazzation, the acapella vocal group proved to be a massive hit in Hungary’s most popular jazz venue, the Budapest Jazz Club. Three girls and two boys turned in a brilliant performance in front of a house packed to the rafters. Their radiant voices and their joie de vivre coupled with a minimalist but very effective choreography enhanced a most versatile fare. The repertoire included jazz standards, rearranged folk songs and brilliantly updated gems from the musical treasure trove of old Budapest. The performers’ happy informal approach coupled with the highest professional standards embodied the sort of shot in the arm jazz badly needs today to bring into the fold those alianted by it’s over-intellectual image."

Peter Pallai

Programme organiser @ Budapest Jazz Club

Jazz Curator, co-author of "The Century of Jazz"

"Jazzation. Shockingly talented a cappella jazz group from Hungary that I met for the first time in Åland in 2015. They were then very accomplished musically, now it was apparent that they have matured into an artist group ready to fly. Absolutely top notch female soloists, solid backing from the two men."
Peder Karlsson
Vice President
The Real Group Academy

"I love you guys right off the bat! Great energy and vocally tight. (...) 

Damn you scatting fools! I love it! So good! (...) 

Some really lovely chords and great phrasing here. Some of the best of the entire competition. You are bringing this arrangement to life. Well-deserved standing ovation. The only one of the show, by the way. Kudos!!!"

Jonathan Minkoff 
Executive Producer

SingStrong A cappella Festival


"It was a wonderful evening, filled with humour and emotional depth, all the while staying highly professional. Jazzation's unassuming attitude towards music, paired with their authentically kind stage presence, resulted in a magical acappella experience – which we will prize for a long time."   

Károly Binder and daughters, Luca and Panna 
Jazz pianist, composer, Head of Jazz Department

Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music

"It was a very nice performance. Great blending and groove. Great program with selected songs from different styles. I love it!"

Christine Liu 
Director of International Affairs

Vocal Asia

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